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April 20, 2015


Every dream match deserves a sequel. Especially one that ended in such controversial fashion as the Slater vs. Basso war that took place at RIOT CITY WRESTLING’s Megaslam event.

Both SLATER and BASSO are men with similar stories, however taken along very different paths. The two began training with each other under COL DERVANY at THE MONSTER FACTORY in 2002. After a brief encounter, BASSO (then known as MIMIC) departed to find success with RCW as well as other top promotions around Australia. SLATER on the other helped establish the company now known as WRESTLE RAMPAGE, whilst also achieving great success both around Australia and overseas.

If you ask any Australian wrestling diehard which dream match they wanted to see, SLATER vs. BASSO was always in that list. The match was finally delivered in front of a capacity crowd, however BASSO’s manager TODD EASTMAN became involved and evidently assisted his client in defeating a dejected DAMIAN SLATER.

Now the war comes to WRESTLE RAMPAGE. This is not a match to miss! 2 of Australia’s biggest success stories will step into the same ring at REVOLUTION and they will battle until we find a true victor!


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