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June 7, 2015


For the first time in WRESTLE RAMPAGE history we will see a LEATHER STRAP MATCH!

Back in 2008, the 2 brothers JOEY GRAHAM and GREG GRAHAM established themselves as one of Australia’s greatest tag teams, named THE HOTRODZ. Over the next 5 years, the retro duo amassed possibly the most successful tag team run out of any Australian tag team.

However in 2014 cracks began to appear. JOEY GRAHAM decided that he wanted to have a run in the singles division and chase the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. This left GREG GRAHAM to ‘babysit’ younger brother PAT GRAHAM. Their new team was much less successful. This new feeling of defeat left GREG GRAHAM jealous and frustrated. A feeling that he eventually took out on his younger brother PAT GRAHAM.

Now with a new attitude and known as ‘GORGEOUS,’ GREG GRAHAM has disowned his family who be believes cannot be truly related to someone as ‘beautiful’ as himself. Whilst initially letting his siblings sort out their differences, JOEY GRAHAM has finally taken exception to his brothers ways.

The 2 battled in a tag team match at the last event REVOLUTION, however GORGEOUS GREG escaped and abandoned the match. Now COMMISSIONER TOM CHOCOLATE has put an end to GREG’s running. Both JOEY and GREG will be attached by a leather strap for the duration of the match! There is no place to hide and as we have seen in the past, the strap CAN be used as a weapon!

Which GRAHAM will prove that they are the fairest of them all?


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