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WR Damage Control News: MARCIUS PITT vs. CHRIS VICE

June 7, 2015


A rivalry that for almost 6 months was on the verge of exploding, has finally reached boiling point as the 2 bohemoths from the west will battle it out in this Main Event Grudge Match!

Whilst both have a storied history wrestling around Australia and the USA, it was in WRESTLE RAMPAGE that they found a common ground. Seeing that they weren’t quite being utilised at the very top, the 2 Western Australians from EPW formed an alliance in an attempt to take down some of Australia’s best tag teams.

Their dominance was evident, however their ego could never be shaken. It was a major upset in the form of a loss to fiery young tag team MIKE BOOMER & LINK BARNETT that saw them first threaten to strike one another.

This was followed up with a victory over THE WORLD’s FRIENDLIEST TAG TEAM, however a victory that CHRIS VICE took exception to as it was not he who made the final cover. A brawl erupted and now we are here.

2 of Australia’s best will finally throwdown in a WRESTLE RAMPAGE ring! With MARCIUS PITT backed by TMDK and CHRIS VICE now apart of THE BROTHERHOOD, anything could happen in this one!


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