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8-MAN TAG TEAM WARFARE [Titanium Security Arena – Nov 28th]

November 17, 2015


Expect nothing but chaos as the self-proclaimed ‘All-Stars’ lead by manager MONEYBAGS MALONE take on ‘Team Istria’, lead by highly acclaimed athlete AJ ISTRIA, back from touring with Tajiri’s Japanese promotion WRESTLING NEW CLASSIC!


On one side you have 4 of the most arrogant personalities in the nation, with GORGEOUS GREG GRAHAM and his new partner BIG WILLY GIBSON, joining up with ‘The Big Man on Campus’ DEAN VALENTE and Sydney’s own ‘Swagzilla’ SEAN KUSTOM!


In opposition, ISTRIA has banded together a misfit collection of Australia’s most talented underdogs to join him in his fight. Adelaide’s action packed cruiserweight MIKE BOOMER, Riot City Wrestling’s aerial daredevil GREEN SMASH and the last of The Hotrodz, PAT GRAHAM, will make up the rest of the team.


Will this story conclude with the classic underdog victory, or are the entourage of pretty boys going to provide just too much heat and ruin Team Istria’s fairytale finish?





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