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ELLIOT SEXTON vs. ROCKY MENERO [Titanium Security Arena – Nov 28th]

November 23, 2015


2 of Adelaide’s biggest and baddest will resume their rivalry on the big stage as we find out just who is ‘A-Town’s Finest’?


ROCKY MENERO is a long standing headliner of the Australian wrestling scene. Having spent 15 years honing his craft, the confident MENERO attracts attention anytime that he is featured on a card. One of the most captivating feuds in the last decade of Australian pro wrestling was between MENERO and a young up and coming ELLIOT SEXTON. However time has created change, and ROCKY MENERO may no longer have the strong experience advantage that he once had.


ELLIOT SEXTON has begun to build a legacy as more than just a promising young talent. After being trained by WWE legend BOOKER T, SEXTON began to turn heads and come into his own as one of Australia’s most dominant heavyweight wrestlers. SEXTON promises to bring a fight that MENERO may have never seen before, but is that enough to take down one of the kings of Australian wrestling?


This is one match that fans have been calling for, for a long, long time. One of the most exciting feuds of this generation will finally come to a close, but just who will walk out of Titanium Security Arena with their hand raised?


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