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TABLE MATCH: Havok vs. Robby Heart [Titanium Security Arena – Nov 28th]

November 23, 2015


You wanted Tables, well you’ve got tables! The longest running feud in Wrestle Rampage history looks to culminate in one of the most brutal matches in Professional Wrestling!


Representing THE BROTHERHOOD, HAVOK  brings over 15 years of experience as one of Australia’s leading no-holds-barred fighters. Known for his barbaric hardcore matches, HAVOK will go to any lengths necessary to achieve success. The pair have battled multiple times with the feud escalating to new heights every single time. Now they stand at scores level, with HAVOK promising to take out the ever-popular hometown hero ROBBY HEART once and for all.


ROBBY HEART is known worldwide for his high risk style. A 2-time Australian National Champion, HEART became recognised in both Australia and Japan as a daredevil of the ring who will put it all on the line night after night. The tattooed warrior will need to be prepared for an absolute war if he is to come out of this Grudge Match standing!


The winner of the match will be the man who can put his opponent through a table. This will be the end of an era. Can ROBBY HEART be the man to finally take down THE BROTHERHOOD’s enforcer? Or will this be the end for one of Wrestle Rampage’s favourite sons?


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