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WR Uprising News: HARTLEY JACKSON vs. HAVOK [No DQ Streetfight]

March 15, 2016


UPRISING will be main evented by a match that purists of Australian wrestling would be all too familiar with. A rivalry that dates back to 1999, which revived professional wrestling in South Australia and set a new standard for a nation that was starved of talent.


Both HARTLEY JACKSON and HAVOK began their journey together, training under veteran COL DERVANY at the MONSTER FACTORY training centre in 1998. On numerous occasions they fought over the PWSA SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP in matches so wild and exciting that they alone, built a scene of dedicated fans in Adelaide. Their path would include them on the opposite and same sides of the ring, all over Australia. Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, all became very familiar with the two and were always begging for more. Quite simply, Jag & Havok were and are, Australian Wrestling.


In more recent years, JACKSON has taken his expertise around the world, forging a reputation as Australia’s most travelled superstar. HAVOK on the other hand, chose to keep Australia as his battleground, continuing to build on his legacy as a violent brawler, almost unbeatable in no-holds-barred matches. With JACKSON joining TMDK in 2015, and HAVOK being the founding member of THE BROTHERHOOD, it was only a matter of time before their paths would cross one more time.


On March 19th, the match that started a scene 17-years ago will be revisited. JAG and HAVOK will fight in a No-Disqualifications STREETFIGHT!! Do not miss out on the end of an era for Pro Wrestling in the country!


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