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WR Uprising News: TMDK vs. THE BROTHERHOOD [Best of 3 Series]

March 15, 2016

UPRISING will be headlined by a Best of 3 Series that will see the mighty alliances of TMDK and THE BROTHERHOOD collide!

The two factions first met in 2015 when former allies, TMDK’s MARCIUS PITT and The Brotherhood’s CHRIS VICE, settled their ongoing feud. The match became heated and soon both men were flanked by their stablemates. TMDK won the first battle, but THE BROTHERHOOD would go on to conquer, both in a tag team battle at TITANIUM ARENA in December, and then in a 6-man cage match at RAGE IN THE CAGE. Consisting of some of Australia’s most established singles talent, THE BROTHERHOOD have made it known that their intentions are to destroy the legacy of the world-renowned team, TMDK. However now there will be no power in numbers as each member must face their opposition alone. This is their proving ground.


The first 2 matches of the series will see MARCIUS PITT and current AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPION, JONAH ROCK, take on yet to be decided members of THE BROTHERHOOD! 2 straight victories for either team will see the series come to an early and decisive end. If it can go to a 3rd round, it will be decided in the Main Event STREETFIGHT between TMDK’s HARTLEY JACKSON and The Brotherhood’s HAVOK.


Don’t miss out on the escalation of a war that has been tearing WRESTLE RAMPAGE apart! 6 of the world’s very best will face-off live on March 19th @ St. Clair Recreation Centre in Woodville!



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