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March 18, 2016


January’s RAGE IN THE CAGE saw a match between 2 of Australia’s best who have followed drastically different paths in the world of pro wrestling. With ROCKY MENERO taking the victory under dubious circumstances, AJ ISTRIA has challenged his new rival to a rematch this Saturday night at UPRISING.


MENERO is a 16 year veteran of the Australian Wrestling scene. Having spent a large portion of that time as a main event star, it became evident that wherever MENERO went, gold followed. He recently made his way back to Wrestle Rampage where he expected an easy stepping stone in the form of ex-Queenslander AJ ISTRIA. However on that night we saw a new version of ISTRIA. A tactically dangerous and more determined version of the young man that once stood in that ring. As a result, MENERO was put on the back-foot for perhaps the first time ever.


ISTRIA is a product of sacrifice and the will to overcome the odds. Having travelled to Adelaide to train under HARTLEY JACKSON on numerous occasions early in his career, ISTRIA saw his experience grow during multiple tours of Japan with Tajiri’s promotion WRESTLING NEW CLASSIC. ISTRIA also took on the Submission Grappling circuit of Australia where he refined the inescapable arm bars that he has become renowned for.


ISTRIA has an opportunity to avenge the blemish on his record and place himself another step closer to the Australian National Championship. However MENERO has been here before and if there is anybody who could walk into a match like this confident, it is him.



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