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WR Revolution News: DEMI BENNETT vs. AMITY ROW

May 3, 2016

Bennett vs. Row

One of REVOLUTION’s most anticipated match-ups sees the long awaited return of women’s wrestling to Wrestle Rampage!


Adelaide’s own DEMI BENNETT has exploded onto the scene in recent years, making a name for herself as not just one of Australia’s leading female wrestlers, but one of Australia’s leading Pro Wrestlers, period. Her impressive style and sheer intensity in the ring, has opened eyes all around the world, including a successful stint in Japan. BENNETT has moved from strength to strength within her home promotion Riot City Wrestling, and is now looking to take-on the very best from around Australia.


Enter AMITY ROW, an enigma from PERTH. ROW has certainly been making an impact in home promotion EXPLOSIVE PRO WRESTLING as part of THE SOLUTION stable, an alliance of some of Australia’s most ruthless fighters. ROW will no doubt be looking to upset the hometown hero in her WRESTLE RAMPAGE debut. However will a lack of support, in the form of her SOLUTION stablemates, be her undoing in such a high stakes match?


It’s INTERSTATE WARFARE as the girls battle it out this Friday night at REVOLUTION!



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