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May 3, 2016

Boomer vs Barnett

Throughout their time as one of Wrestle Rampage’s most popular tag teams, one question always remained. Just which of these two high flyers could state their claim as Wrestle Rampage’s top cruiserweight?


After getting an important victory over GORGEOUS GREG & BIG WILLY GIBSON at UPRISING, the two announced to the world that there was little left to accomplish in the tag division and they would be going their separate paths in an attempt to secure the most prized possession in Australian wrestling, Jonah Rock’s AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. However before doing so, they agreed to have one match to see just who is the better man.


Both men have storied pasts yet vastly different backgrounds. While ‘Rapid Fire’ MIKE BOOMER is one of Wrestle Rampage’s most recent signings, he has been one of Adelaide’s most accomplished underdogs for many years now. Adopting a never-say-die attitude and standing out in other promotions around Australia, BOOMER caught the eye of Wrestle Rampage officials and was immediately brought into the promotion.


LINK BARNETT on the other hand, began his career in NEW ZEALAND, where he adopted the nickname ‘The Human Bullet’ due to his fast paced and unorthodox offence. BARNETT was the holder of multiple New Zealand Championships, before moving to Adelaide in search of new competition.


This could very well be Wrestle Rampage’s most anticipated cruiserweight match thus far. Teammates collide for ultimate bragging rights. Just who is Wrestle Rampage’s top aerial athlete?


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