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WR Revolution News: BIG & GORGEOUS vs. RAGNAROCK

May 4, 2016


An interesting tag team match full of personality rounds off the REVOLUTION card, which will see established duo of ‘GORGEOUS’ GREG & ‘BIG’ WILLY GIBSON taking on the seemingly odd-couple of PAT GRAHAM and debutant EINAR IRONSIDE, known collectively as ‘RagnaROCK.’


Whilst PAT GRAHAM is no stranger to his opponents, having both teamed and battled with both for many years, the unpredictability factor has to be his new ally in the Norseman EINAR IRONSIDE. A descendant of the vikings, IRONSIDE battles to honour his ancestors and lives to honour the Gods. However coming off a devastating loss at UPRISING, GORGEOUS & GIBSON will be doing everything they can to ensure that RAGNAROCK go out on their shields.


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