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WR Revolution News: JONAH ROCK(c) vs. DAMIAN SLATER

May 4, 2016

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The most highly anticipated rematch in Wrestle Rampage history will place the current Australian National Champion, TMDK’s JONAH ROCK against The Brotherhood’s DAMIAN SLATER.


August, 2014 – Then Australian National Champion DAMIAN SLATER loses his crown to JONAH ROCK in what can only be described as a professional wrestling masterpiece. With WWE scouts in attendance and an audience that had begun to lean towards supporting JONAH, SLATER seemingly cracked under the pressure and potentially underestimated the relentless attack that JONAH ROCK is now known to bring.


Since that time both men have followed similar roads, but in different locations. JONAH ROCK returned to Japan where he embarked on successful tours with strong-style giants PRO WRESTLING NOAH. He certainly earned his new tag ‘The Monster’ after his memorable battles with stars such as KENTA (now WWE’s Hideo Itami), Naomichi Marafuji and PRIDE legend Yoshihiro Takayama.


Whilst SLATER also took his fight worldwide to Asia and the USA, he opened eyes by his impressive performances around Australia. Evidently he dropped ‘The Goldenboy’ name in favour of a more suitable moniker… ‘The World-Beater‘! SLATER collected trophies around the nation including the EPW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP and AUSTRALIAN MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. However the most important piece of gold alluded him…. the Australian National Championship.


Can JONAH ROCK take his record-breaking title reign past the 2-year mark? Or will DAMIAN SLATER become a 2-time Champion, giving THE BROTHERHOOD the ultimate advantage in a stable war that is tearing Wrestle Rampage apart? This match promises to be a world-class fight for the ages. Do not miss out!




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