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May 4, 2016

Menero vs Istria

When ROCKY MENERO took on AJ ISTRIA at January’s RAGE IN THE CAGE event, it was billed as a match between two top contenders looking to secure their first ever Australian National Championship match. The match ended in controversy, which has become a common theme throughout this intense rivalry.


With the more experienced MENERO using underhanded tactics to score the initial victory, the rematch was set for the UPRISING event. The jiu-jitsu educated ISTRIA promised that he would make MENERO tap to his arm bar and leave no doubt in anyone’s mind as to who the better man is. ISTRIA scored the victory, albeit by pinfall, however a poor decision by the referee saw the victory reversed, with MENERO winning by disqualification.


Frustrated and dejected, ISTRIA spoke of his struggles trying to make his mark in professional wrestling, mentioning his move to Adelaide in order to train with the best and pursue Australia’s most prized possession. Not wanting to let MENERO’s name remain as a blemish on his fight record, ISTRIA challenged MENERO to Wrestle Rampage’s first ever I QUIT match for this Friday’s REVOLUTION event.


Quite simply, there are no disqualifications, no count-outs, no mistakes. The winner will be the man who can make their opponent utter the words ‘I QUIT!’


Don’t miss out on the final chapter of this gripping trilogy. 2 of Australia’s most accomplished athletes will put it all on the line in an effort to see just who is the best!



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