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WR Revolution News: THE BROTHERHOOD vs. TMDK

May 4, 2016


A massive Tag Team Grudge Match has been announced for REVOLUTION that will see a continuation of the most hard-hitting and intense stable rivalry in WRESTLE RAMPAGE history!


It all began in 2015 with the emergence of THE BROTHERHOOD, an alliance of ‘forgotten’ veterans who banded together in an effort to combat the established force known as THE MIGHTY DON’T KNEEL. In most of their encounters, it was THE BROTHERHOOD who utilised power in numbers and relentless assaults to come out on top and finally put the elite fighters of TMDK on the back foot.


However at the last event ‘UPRISING’, TMDK overcame the odds to win a Best of 3 Series 2-1 , proving that it was only a matter of time before THE BROTHERHOOD were cornered and forced to fight the fair fight. This tag team battle sees the heaviest hitters of each stable line-up and face-off for the first time. This could absolutely go in any direction and we can only guarantee this… anything can and will happen when TMDK and THE BROTHERHOOD fight.


Four of Australia’s all time best will step into one ring this Friday night! Do not miss this world class matchup!




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