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A dark soul unleashed. What happened to Robby Heart?

May 8, 2016

Circa 2010 – Then Australian National Champion, Robby Heart, was arguably the most popular star to ever come out of the city of Adelaide.


Since Wrestle Rampage’s debut show (under the banner of EPW Adelaide) in 2006, ROBBY ‘THE LION’ HEART has made a name for himself as a high flying daredevil who is more than willing to put his body on the line in order to both entertain and get the job done. HEART has travelled the globe, becoming known not just around Australia, but also in Japan where he completed multiple tours with ZERO1.


At this past weekend’s REVOLUTION event, as AJ ISTRIA celebrated gaining the important submission victory over ROCKY MENERO, the lights were shut off. When they came back on, ROBBY HEART was in the ring. Emotionless. HEART proceeded to split a black substance into ISTRIA’s eyes and then launched a relentless assault. HEART finally left us with an unstable feeling, by having ISTRIA hung on the ropes in a crucifix-like position as he slowly left the building.


So why, after all the accomplishments, fanfare and respect from his peers, did ROBBY HEART decide to make such an extravagant, yet utterly confusing, statement? Why, after spending the better part of a year battling THE BROTHERHOOD alone, and having his MCL destroyed, did he return like this, attacking AJ ISTRIA?


Honestly, we don’t know where to start. Is it the fact that ROBBY HEART has been so consumed with fighting other wrestlers’ battles, rather than chasing the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP that he held for 2 incredibly successful runs from 2010 – 2012? Does this have anything to do with THE BROTHERHOOD’s assault back in January, or has HEART moved on? And why ISTRIA? A man that ROBBY HEART has had nothing to do with.


We don’t really know what to say, but if AJ ISTRIA’s social media account is anything to go by, this isn’t the last of it.


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