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WR Final Showdown News: AJ ISTRIA vs. ROBBY HEART

October 13, 2016


ROBBY HEART’s tenure in professional wrestling has been interesting to say the least. A rising star who defied expectations to very quickly become a 2-time Australian National Champion; it was clear that HEART embodied the fighting spirit necessary to make waves in the sport. After a series of successful appearances in Japan, HEART returned to Australia where he was plagued by a string of losses. Many criticised ROBBY HEART for being too focused on fighting others’ battles and letting pride get the better of him. In fact if we look at the history books, it has been 4 years since he has even received an Australian National Championship match.


It was earlier this year when ROBBY HEART returned from hiatus, looking emotionless. As if the fired up ‘Lion’ was no more. He attacked AJ ISTRIA for reasons still unbeknown, before draping him over the ropes in a crucifix position.



ISTRIA has been on a hot streak ever since re-locating from Queensland to South Australia 1 year ago. Defeating ROCKY MENERO in an intense trilogy, ISTRIA was set to challenge for the Australian National Championship currently held by DAMIAN SLATER, before running into ROBBY HEART.


On November 12th at FINAL SHOWDOWN, ISTRIA and HEART will fight and there is no better way that we can put it. Will the new ROBBY HEART prevail and reveal more about his mission, or can ISTRIA make the dark soul submit as many others have before him?


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