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November 7, 2016


2 years of violence, hatred and bloodshed between Australia’s 2 most dominant factions.

This all began in early 2015 with veteran HAVOK being supported by a masked figure named ‘ANARCHY.’ ANARCHY was to eventually be revealed as fan favourite DAMIAN SLATER, who cited that his experiment was to expose Wrestle Rampage management and its fans as being one-eyed, playing favourites to only those who fell under the TMDK (The Mighty Don’t Kneel) banner. SLATER believed that he was being spat out and used.

Around the same time, former Perth teammates, turned enemies, CHRIS VICE & MARCIUS PITT were locked into a fierce rivalry. PITT, a member of longtime stable TMDK, took on CHRIS VICE in June 2015 in a match that saw fists thrown and rules thrown out the door. VICE soon found himself with the support of HAVOK & SLATER (now known as THE BROTHERHOOD) in what could only be described as a measure of spite for TMDK. VICE accepted the invitation to join the group and thus began a war that has torn Wrestle Rampage apart.

They have fought back-and-forth, month after month, in the ring, out of the ring, in steel cages and now in the most brutal of them all. A TABLES, LADDERS & CHAIRS match! The losing team will be forced to disband forever!

Will the fact that HARTLEY JACKSON is unavailable for TMDK play a deciding factor? Or will his replacement truly embody ‘The Mighty Don’t Kneel’ moniker?

History will be made this Saturday night at FINAL SHOWDOWN. Where will you be?


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