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WR Reloaded News: HAVOK vs. AJ ISTRIA

January 10, 2017


This first-time-ever match will see former member of THE BROTHERHOOD stable HAVOK take on WRESTLE RAMPAGE’s most acclaimed submission fighter, AJ ISTRIA.

HAVOK will walk alone for the first time in a long time; and this is just the way he likes it! As a member of THE BROTHERHOOD, HAVOK became known as the group’s protective force. A veteran wrestler renowned for his barbaric matches over the years, HAVOK was and is perhaps the most dangerous member of the roster. If there is any member of THE BROTHERHOOD who never needed anybody by his side, HAVOK is the one, which means that it could be a trying battle for ISTRIA to undertake.

A longtime member of the WRESTLE RAMPAGE roster, Queensland’s AJ ISTRIA had come to the realisation that he had failed to find his stride being so far away from the action. It was after packing his belongings and moving to Adelaide in late 2015 that saw a different side of ISTRIA unleashed. ISTRIA had used his time training in the dojos of Japan with WWE superstar TAJIRI to introduce a more submission-based style. His arm-bar, like a human rubik’s cube, proved incredibly difficult to solve. Adelaide fans were yet to see anyone use a ground-based attack with such precision and success, which allowed ISTRIA to become one of the popular new faces of the promotion. ISTRIA overcame South Australian veteran ROCKY MENERO in a tense rivalry in early 2016, which led him to a questionable loss against ROBBY HEART last November. However if there’s one thing that ISTRIA doesn’t do, it’s make the same mistake twice.

Both wrestlers will be determined to take a giant leap forward in 2017 and it all begins with this matchup! Can the former BROTHERHOOD member find success as a singles wrestler, or will this be ISTRIA’s most important win to date?


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