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January 10, 2017


A Fatal 4-Way match has just been added to January 21st’s RELOADED card and it will come with high stakes. With the Australian National Championship picture wide open, a victory by one of these 4 men could bring them one step closer to a shot at the gold!

LINK BARNETT has been a character of interest as of late. The New Zealand born ‘cosfighter’ has adopted a new attitude which has led to a run of victories. At November’s FINAL SHOWDOWN he put away one of Perth’s most acclaimed wrestlers in ALEX KINGSTON with a high-risk repertoire and a touch of chicanery. Another win could very well lead ‘The Human Bullet’ to a Championship match, whether it be Damian Slater’s AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP or Mike Boomer’s CRUISERWEIGHT CUP!

The likely favourite for the match JONAH ROCK spent most of 2015/2016 as the Australian National Champion. He was successful in putting an end to THE BROTHERHOOD faction as a leader of TMDK but unfortunately lost the Championship to THE BROTHERHOOD’s leader DAMIAN SLATER mid-2016. A win in this match would be big for the Samoan Monster’s return to the top.

Melbourne’s JOSH SHOOTER returns with a desire to shake the foundations of WRESTLE RAMPAGE just as he has done in MELBOURNE CITY WRESTLING recently. SHOOTER brings an explosive offence to his matches which has seen him build his reputation around Australia as one of the most promising prospects of the current era.

Finally we have ‘The Big Man on Campus’ DEAN VALENTE. The Collegiate Warrior will be desperate to see his name back in the winners’ column after a rough end to 2016. Whilst relatively new to the game, VALENTE has brought a certain confidence to his wrestling not usually seen by younger talent. VALENTE believes that he is the best and will do whatever it takes to prove it. This is by far his biggest match yet and he could very well be a sleeper to take the whole thing out!

This 4-way match promises chaos and a lot of it. Make sure to grab your tickets now to the hottest event of the summer!


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