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January 10, 2017


The final announced match for January 21st will see 2 of Wrestle Rampage’s elite face off, both at a turning point in their careers.

For ‘The Smashing Machine’ CHRIS VICE, he enters 2017 alone with his stable THE BROTHERHOOD being disbanded at the conclusion of last year. However Vice’s reputation around Australia and beyond, far exceeds any alliance that he has been a part of. CHRIS VICE should be included in any discussion for ‘world class talent,’ no more evident in his time as EPW Champion in Perth. VICE left victim after victim laying in his journey to the top of the singles mountain and looks to do the same in WRESTLE RAMPAGE.

ROBBY HEART on the other hand made it his mission to fight his battles solo. A former 2 time Australian National Champion, HEART was arguably the most popular Adelaide wrestler of the past decade, before finding himself in an outnumbered war with numerous enemies that he just couldn’t overcome. HEART took a lengthy layoff due to injury before returning in 2016 a different man. The emotion had left him. The old ROBBY HEART was dead. In his comeback match, he took down AJ ISTRIA who had a heap of momentum behind him, showing that he hasn’t lost a step.

January 21st’s RELOADED is stacked full of matches with high stakes. The Australian National Championship picture is wide open, so a victory by either of these 2 machines could be huge for their race to the top!




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