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WR Moment of Truth News: JONAH ROCK vs. DAMIAN SLATER(c)

February 13, 2017


The main event for February 25th’s MOMENT OF TRUTH is one that needs little hype. For those who weren’t there for the first 2 matches in the series, you missed out on some of the most most intense, world-class Professional Wrestling that you will ever see.


It all began at August’s FALLOUT event in 2014. The champion DAMIAN SLATER walked into his biggest battle yet, with a monster on a streak. With WWE talent scouts in attendance, JONAH ROCK was to come out on top, capturing his first ever AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.


Fast forward to 2016, in a landscape where JONAH ROCK had broken records by holding the Championship for almost 2 years and DAMIAN SLATER was demonstrating a very different side of himself, while running with THE BROTHERHOOD. Perhaps it was that important loss in 2014 that changed SLATER’s path, but it made for an incredible rematch that concluded with SLATER raising the Championship for the 2nd time.


Whilst SLATER may have  been defeated in 2014 in front of the most important eyes, apparently his efforts were still recognised as the WWE called up him for their 1st ever CRUISERWEIGHT CLASSIC tournament in June 2016. SLATER returned towards the end of 2016, only to have JONAH ROCK put him through a table from a ladder, to end the epic TLC match between TMDK and THE BROTHERHOOD. This moment spelled the end of THE BROTHERHOOD as a unit, but more importantly, signified that JONAH ROCK was more than ready for a 3rd and final match against ‘The World Beater.’


It’s the final match of the trilogy. 2 of Australia’s very best ever will throw-down one more time, only this time without their crew by their side. Can JONAH ROCK enter his name into the history books as one of only a few 2-time Australian National Champions? Or will DAMIAN SLATER reign supreme and prove that he truly is the ‘World Beater’?


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