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WR Moment of Truth News: HAVOK vs. CHRIS VICE

February 16, 2017


Who would have thought a year ago that 2017 would begin with the implosion of THE BROTHERHOOD? What was touted to be Wrestle Rampage’s most dominant stable of all time, crumbled at the hands of TMDK at the conclusion of last November’s TLC match. The result was 3 of Australia’s most elite talents’ left with shattered egos and plenty of blame passing.


With DAMIAN SLATER wiping his hands clean of the group, HAVOK and CHRIS VICE attempted to co-exist in some form but the relationship was clearly fractured and January’s RELOADED event ended in fists.


So now we will finally see the unexpected. HAVOK will battle ‘The Smashing Machine’ CHRIS VICE 1-on-1 in what is expected to be nothing but a fight!


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