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WR Moment of Truth News: KELLYANNE vs. JOANIE MAY

February 16, 2017


Women’s wrestling has long been an anticipated event on Wrestle Rampage shows. Wrestle Rampage has endeavoured to bring over the very best that Australia has to offer, which has extended to female athletes such as NXT’s BILLIE KAY and PEYTON ROYCE, MADISON EAGLES, Canadian star NICOLE MATTHEWS and of course, Melbourne standout KELLYANNE.


KELLYANNE will be returning to Wrestle Rampage at February 25th’s MOMENT OF TRUTH after a national run of dominance, which means that this will be no easy debut for latest Wrestle Rampage Dojo graduate, JOANIE MAY.


Can JOANIE score the upset in her first shot at the big time, or will the KELLYANNE Fiend Club roll on in vicious fashion?


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