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WR Moment of Truth News: DEAN VALENTE vs. TOMMY KNIGHT

February 20, 2017


February 25th’s MOMENT OF TRUTH event will be a proving ground for hungry young athletes, looking to make an impact early in the year.


Another name making his professional debut is TOMMY KNIGHT; the most recent graduate of the WRESTLE RAMPAGE DOJO under JONAH ROCK and AJ ISTRIA. Whilst KNIGHT’s squared circle experience is limited, he brings to the game a vast background in Mixed Martial Arts. The blue belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner is known for his powerful striking and suplex ability, and will no doubt be looking to use this hybrid approach as he enters unfamiliar waters. TOMMY KNIGHT will naturally be coming in as the underdog, but this is DEAN VALENTE’s fight to lose.


DEAN VALENTE on the other hand, has struggled to find his feet after a strong start to his career. Perhaps it was a lack of focus that cost ‘The Big Man on Campus’ throughout 2016, but VALENTE has promised that 2017 will be ‘The Year of Dean’. Although a victory was not in the cards at last month’s RELOADED, VALENTE demonstrated a more ruthless edge and proved that he could go toe to toe with some of Australia’s best. VALENTE has the edge in experience, but his resilience has been untested, which could very well be the deciding factor when he comes face to face with a larger, hungrier fighter.


TOMMY KNIGHT has quickly built a reputation at the Wrestle Rampage Dojo as a natural with an unbeatable work ethic. However he will be stepping into his debut with a man desperate for the victory. Who will win this important ‘Rising Star Showdown’?


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