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February 20, 2017


For years now, the honour of being named the ‘Australian National Champion’ has been afforded to only a very select few. Athletes such as DAMIAN SLATER, JONAH ROCK, HARTLEY JACKSON and RYAN EAGLES have proved that while the toughest task is staying on top of the mountain, it is definitely not impossible, as all have established lengthy Championship reigns. However underneath them stood an entire roster of hungry fighters trying to build momentum to one day take their shot at the throne.

Now with the TMDK vs. The Brotherhood war over, we have a landscape in which a collection of experienced wrestlers are ready  to take the next step. In fact the Wrestle Rampage main event scene has never been so strong, with ROBBY HEART, AJ ISTRIA and LINK BARNETT all coming off impressive victories over some of Australia’s very best.

For ROBBY HEART, a large lay-off due to injury saw the former 2-time Australian National Champion return a changed man. Dark, ruthless, emotionless. After beginning his career with perhaps the most successful rookie run of all time, taking down giants and capturing gold, HEART spent years swimming in circles, focused too much on personal issues and fighting other’s battles. Since coming back to Wrestle Rampage, HEART has picked up huge victories over AJ ISTRIA and CHRIS VICE, and will enter this match a hot favourite.

AJ ISTRIA has had a career of constant progression. After wrestling and training in Japan under WWE superstar TAJIRI on multiple occasions, ISTRIA took his next big step by moving from Queensland to South Australia, to train and wrestle full-time with Wrestle Rampage. ISTRIA’s submission grappling skill has grown in that time, as has forged his reputation as an ‘arm collector,’ known for a vicious Arm Bar that has put away the likes of veterans ROCKY MENERO and HAVOK. ISTRIA is simply ready for the big time and will be looking to continue his momentum and walk into an Australian National Championship match with DAMIAN SLATER or JONAH ROCK.

The dark horse in this one has to be ‘Human Bullet’ LINK BARNETT. New Zealand’s self-proclaimed ‘CosFighter’ has been wrestling for well over a decade, building a reputation as one of the most unorthodox, exciting Pro Wrestlers in Australasia. BARNETT moved to Adelaide to work his way to the top of the Wrestle Rampage ladder, but has yet to receive an Australian National Championship shot. After defeating former EPW Champion and Western Australian standout ALEX KINGSTON, BARNETT feels that this is his time to break out from the pack. If anyone’s style can cause problems for either SLATER or JONAH, it is LINK BARNETT’s.

This Saturday night at St. Clair Recreation Centre, 3 pathways will come to a head as we will find a new #1 contender to the Australian National Championship!


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