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WR Revolution News: JONAH ROCK(c) vs. AJ ISTRIA

April 10, 2017


The Main Event of May 6th’s REVOLUTION 10th Anniversary looks to be nothing short of a pure Pro Wrestling war. For the first time in his near decade run at Wrestle Rampage, former Queenslander AJ ISTRIA will have his shot at the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP when he battles ‘The Monster’ JONAH ROCK.


AJ ISTRIA is a hybrid athlete who could be described as a ‘student of the game.’ Leading the charge in Queensland, ISTRIA knew that to follow his dream he would have to leave the nest and take on bigger and better challenges. ISTRIA brought himself to Adelaide to knock on the door of the WRESTLE RAMPAGE DOJO in the hope that he could be mentored by some of Australia’s best. ISTRIA travelled back and forth, featuring on the undercard of several Wrestle Rampage events, but struggled to find his groove. It was then that he took his career overseas to Japan, where he trained under WWE and ECW legend TAJIRI. ISTRIA wrestled for promotions such as WRESTLING NEW CLASSIC & ZERO1, and began adopting a more striking and submission based offence. On his return ISTRIA moved to South Australia full-time and has rocketed up the ranks ever since. The uncertain young upstart has been replaced by a seasoned submission fighter who is ready to take on the world.


In his way stands JONAH ROCK. Arguably the king of an entire generation of professional wrestlers in Australia, ROCK has shown no signs of slowing down in his long and storied career. Still in his 20’s, JONAH ROCK recently captured the illustrious AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP for a 2nd time when he defeated WWE CRUISERWEIGHT CLASSIC competitor, ‘The World Beater’ DAMIAN SLATER. However in victory, a weakness of JONAH’s may have been exposed, as SLATER had his opponent near defeat with a series of knee bar attempts. If recent history has taught us anything, it’s that AJ ISTRIA’s understanding of the submission game is second to none and he will attack a limb with relentless ferocity.


JONAH ROCK has a long list of challengers on his tail but in ISTRIA he faces what could be his toughest task yet. On their feet, both wrestlers are hard hitting warriors, but on the ground this may be a whole different ball game.


Who will walk out of REVOLUTION the best professional wrestler in Australia?



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