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April 18, 2017


The war between MR. JUICY and TEAM GORGEOUS rolls on as on May 6th at REVOLUTION, they will do battle in a 6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match!


It all began at January’s RELOADED event when MR. JUICY was cost his AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP match against DAMIAN SLATER due to interference from the team of BIG & GORGEOUS. We later understood that their motives lay in the fact that they were offended by MR. JUICY’s use of the ‘stinkface’ and willingness to “expose his unsightly rear end.” GORGEOUS GREG vowed that he would fight for Wrestle Rampage to ‘become gorgeous again’ by ridding the world of MR. JUICY and ensuring that he never holds Championship gold. Joining the duo will be ‘Big Man on Campus’ DEAN VALENTE who has had a real chip on his shoulder recently and will be looking to avenge recent losses to both EINAR IRONSIDE and MR. JUICY.


MR. JUICY scored an important victory against the team of BIG & GORGEOUS at February’s MOMENT OF TRUTH event, but still feels like he has yet to get his hands on ‘GORGEOUS’ GREG GRAHAM. Alongside recent ally EINAR IRONSIDE and his dead ringer of a protege in TURKISH DELIGHT, JUICY will have his chance once more!



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