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WR Revolution News: ROBBY HEART vs. RUFIO

April 20, 2017


Another huge addition to REVOLUTION’s 10th Anniversary card is a Cruiserweight Division match as ROBBY HEART takes on Queensland standout, RUFIO!


2016 was a year like no other for ROBBY HEART and perhaps not for all the right reasons. After time away due to injury, HEART returned a changed man. The fired up, former 2 time Champion of old was dead and in his place stood an emotionless, dark soul. Perhaps it was years of torment from the likes of THE BROTHERHOOD that caused a change in ROBBY HEART, but for whatever reason, it was AJ ISTRIA who initially felt the wrath of ‘The Darkest Soul’. Even an in-form ISTRIA could not solve the problems that HEART was now creating as he would go down in the history books as the first victim of ROBBY HEART’s warpath.


Using any means necessary, including a vile black mist, HEART has been undefeated since his return and will be looking to continue his mission by taking out one of Australia’s most promising young talents. However RUFIO’s heart and resilience makes him no easy pushover. RUFIO has spent the past year attempting to make his name within Wrestle Rampage and on May 6th he will have his biggest opportunity yet!


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