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WR Revolution News: HAVOK & P.A.T. vs. CHRIS VICE & TOMMY KNIGHT

April 30, 2017


2016 closed out with the destruction of THE BROTHERHOOD, but one thing’s for sure, their presence is still felt to this day.

2 of THE BROTHERHOOD’s key players, HAVOK & ‘Smashing Machine’ CHRIS VICE, became tangled in a war of words. A blame game broke out as HAVOK placed the blame of the stable’s demise, solely on the shoulders of CHRIS VICE. Egos boiled over and their actions turned physical.

At February’s MOMENT OF TRUTH, HAVOK defeated CHRIS VICE with assistance from a returning, yet unstable, PAT GRAHAM. Now known as P.A.T. (Don’t ask us how or why), the youngest sibling of the former HOTRODZ will team with HAVOK to take on CHRIS VICE and rookie machine TOMMY KNIGHT. KNIGHT  is looking to establish himself within Wrestle Rampage since transitioning from Mixed Martial Arts, and there can be no arguing that an experienced, world-class athlete such as CHRIS VICE is the perfect mentor to have.

This Saturday night at the REVOLUTION 10th Anniversary, we will witness a tag team grudge match as the former BROTHERHOOD collide!


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