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June 23, 2017


July 1st’s FALLOUT will see the return of one of Australia’s most successful pro wrestlers, ELLIOT SEXTON as he takes on the powerhouse of the ‘BIG & GORGEOUS’ team in ‘Big’ WILLY GIBSON!

A member of the TMDK faction and long-time feature of the WRESTLE RAMPAGE roster, SEXTON has spent the past few years honing his craft around Australia. In that time SEXTON became the most dominant MELBOURNE CITY WRESTLING champion of all time with a mammoth title reign spanning almost 2 years.

In his path will stand someone who has often been overlooked due to his questionable alliance with ‘Gorgeous’ GREG GRAHAM. The former ‘Wreckin Ball Wilson’, WILLY GIBSON has been performing for almost a decade at a level that most only dream of. Successful tours of Japan with ZERO1 Pro Wrestling, and main event matches for Wrestle Rampage, GIBSON has been in the spotlight on more than one occasion. Don’t let his flamboyant appearance fool you, GIBSON is all business in the ring and has taken down some of Australia’s very best.

2 of Australia’s top heavyweight Pro Wrestlers will battle it out at St. Clair Recreation Centre in just a week’s time. You won’t want to miss it!


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