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WR Fallout News: HAVOK vs. CHRIS VICE [No DQ Match]

June 23, 2017


From the ashes of the monumental TMDK vs. THE BROTHERHOOD rivalry, comes this fight. And a fight it will be.


2 of THE BROTHERHOOD’s key members, HAVOK & VICE found themselves at odds after being forced to disband at the close of 2016. HAVOK blamed CHRIS VICE for the stable’s demise, feeling like VICE owed the veteran. CHRIS VICE on the other hand isn’t one to take orders lightly, and the two became tangled in a war of words… and fists!
After battling in both singles and tag team matches, it became obvious that this feud would never end by traditional means. Instead COMMISSIONER TOM CHOCOLATE decided to announce that the 2 would face-off one last time in a No Holds Barred, No Countout, No Disqualifications match!


Anything goes on Saturday, July 1st at FALLOUT, when THE BROTHERHOOD collide one final time!


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