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June 23, 2017


The CRUISERWEIGHT CUP will be on the line as MIKE BOOMER defends his crown against former tag team partner, ‘The Human Bullet’ LINK BARNETT!


A longtime face of the South Australian wrestling scene, MIKE BOOMER made his way over to WRESTLE RAMPAGE in 2014, determined to take his career to the next level. Training with the likes of WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor DAMIAN SLATER, BOOMER began to show an intensity in the ring like no other. BOOMER began mixing his high flying abilities with technical prowess and vicious striking power, which led to him capturing the inaugural CRUISERWEIGHT CUP in 2016. Now having defended the Championship on multiple occasions against Australia’s best cruiserweights, BOOMER will take on a familiar face, who is no mood to shake hands and play fair.


LINK BARNETT is from a similar position to his former comrade. The New Zealand native moved to Adelaide in attempt to make his mark on the world wrestling scene. He seemed to make tracks when he and BOOMER formed a highly successful tag team in 2014. However BOOMER wanted to test himself in singles competition and suggested that the team move in their separate ways. Since that time BARNETT has picked up some major wins, but every time he finds himself close to the throne, he has encountered a road block. The most recent being a questionable, yet devastating loss to the debuting RAT DADDY at last month’s REVOLUTION. BARNETT took out his frustrations on a victorious MIKE BOOMER later in the evening, and (un)kindly requested his first ever shot at the trophy.


On July 1st we will see two staples of the Cruiserweight division fight for its most prestigious prize and believe us when we say, you will not want to miss this match!


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