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WR Ground Zero News: HAVOK vs. TOMMY KNIGHT

August 3, 2017


The bruisers face-off at August 12th’s GROUND ZERO event as HAVOK looks to ground-and-pound his way to victory when he takes on up-and-coming brawler, TOMMY KNIGHT!

A near 20-year veteran of Australian wrestling, HAVOK has found himself a little lost as of late. With the disintegration of THE BROTHERHOOD, HAVOK went to war with former brethren CHRIS VICE, culminating in a violent no-holds-barred match at the last event, ‘FALLOUT.’ HAVOK faced defeat before taking out his rage on manager, well… former manager, HEINZ SCHULTZ. One by one his allies have abandoned him, leaving HAVOK as a lone-wolf for the first time in years.

Former professional mixed martial artist TOMMY KNIGHT on the other hand, has fire in his eyes and nothing to lose. A win would be a huge exclamation point on his rookie year, but it is an uphill battle that he will have to climb against someone who has built a career out of inflicting pain and suffering. 



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