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August 3, 2017


For a year now the WRESTLE RAMPAGE Cruiserweight Division has been booming (no pun intended). Some of Australasia’s best have made their way to Adelaide to compete for the ultimate prize, the Wrestle Rampage Cruiserweight Cup. At August 12th’s GROUND ZERO, two of South Australia’s all-time best will face-off for the first time with the winner moving on to face the Cruiserweight Champion.


If we’re to be completely honest, there’d be no Cruiserweight Division without MIKE BOOMER. The first champ, BOOMER successfully defended against interstate stars such as ROBBIE EAGLES, RUFIO, KASAI and PARIS DE SILVA in some of the most action-packed matches ever witness on South Australian soil. Boomer looked unstoppable until he came up against former teammate, New Zealand’s LINK BARNETT. With questionable tactics, BARNETT successfully captured the Cruiserweight Cup at the most recent event, FALLOUT. Now BOOMER has his opportunity to gain revenge.


ROBBY HEART on the other hand has been undefeated in singles competition since his return 1 year ago. ‘The Darkest Soul’ has shown a vastly different side to the beloved high flyer that he was many years ago. HEART is a on a warpath searching for gold, but will the resilient BOOMER be ready to weather his storm and come back firing?



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