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WR Ground Zero News: RUFIO vs. LINK BARNETT(c)

August 3, 2017


For almost a year, inaugural Cruiserweight Champion MIKE BOOMER looked set in his path and ready to hold on to the gold for a long time to come. Enter New Zealand’s LINK BARNETT. An unorthodox cruiserweight of more than a decade of experience, with some of those years being alongside former partner MIKE BOOMER. BARNETT captured the Cruiserweight Cup in an impressive performance at the most recent FALLOUT event.


Standing across from BARNETT will be Queensland’s top cruiserweight RUFIO! Rufio’s dedication to the art of professional wrestling is second to none. No stranger to WRESTLE RAMPAGE competition, RUFIO’s training under fellow Queenslander AJ ISTRIA has paid off in a big way. An impressive run on the East Coast has afforded RUFIO this Championship match against the brand new champ. Can RUFIO deliver a fairytale finish to his story, or is LINK BARNETT going to prove that his experience is just too much for the youngster?


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