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WR Ground Zero News: TMDK vs. BIG & GORGEOUS

August 4, 2017


4 veterans who are pioneers of WRESTLE RAMPAGE will face-off in the final match ever to be held at St. Clair Recreation Centre!


After capturing his 2nd Australian National Championship, JONAH ROCK has been a monster with a giant target on his back. Contenders have come out of the woodwork vying for a title shot against the beast, none more vocal than GORGEOUS GREG GRAHAM and his tag team partner BIG WILLY GIBSON. With the duo proving to be a perpetual thorn in JONAH ROCK’s side, it was an unlikely ally in the former of ‘The World Beater’ DAMIAN SLATER who came to JONAH ROCK’s aid at the recent FALLOUT event. The previous trilogy between SLATER & ROCK culminated in a mutual respect, which led to SLATER being brought into the THE MIGHTY DON’T KNEEL stable and now joining the battle against Team Gorgeous’ big guns.


Now the ‘Dream Team’ of TMDK will stand side-by-side for the first time when they take on the formidable and experienced tag team of BIG & GORGEOUS! Expect chaos when these 2 teams finally collide on August 12th!



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