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October 10, 2017


With the quality of talent and superb matches that have taken place at Wrestle Rampage events over the past 10+ years, it’s not common that we can still say that we have a ‘Dream Match’ on our hands. So trust us when we say, we have a Dream Match on our hands!


2 of Australia’s elite, with backgrounds in the submission based martial arts  of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Catch Wrestling, as well as Pro Wrestling careers that span all over the world, including stints in Japan and USA, you’d be hard pressed to find 2 athletes more adequately matched.


DAMIAN SLATER has dominated the main event scene in Australia for the better part of a decade, with a hybrid style that incorporates innovative holds with deadly strikes. After competing in the WWE CRUISERWEIGHT CLASSIC in 2016, SLATER is hungry to reposition himself amongst the world’s best. For AJ ISTRIA, his first match back since touring with famed Japanese promotion PRO WRESTLING NOAH, is an opportunity for him to overcome someone who he has been in the shadow of for a majority of his career. Through determination, skill and a lifetime of perseverance, ISTRIA is at the point where he is now ready to become the #1.

It’s a KING OF CATCH DREAM MATCH on November 4th at Fowlers Live as two of Australia’s leading technicians will punch, kick and grapple their way to bragging rights as perhaps the best technical wrestler in the nation.



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