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WR Redemption News: 6-MAN SHOWDOWN

October 15, 2017


Just added to November 4th’s REDEMPTION card for Fowlers Live, 6 of our most dynamic characters will be put into 1 ring and left to fight. For the winner? Bragging rights and hopefully a pulse! Let’s rundown the competitors:


‘Big Man on Campus’ DEAN VALENTE will be desperate to come out on top after going down to EINAR IRONSIDE in a Leather Strap Match. However with his preparation time seemingly spent being a douchebag launching men’s fragrances, VALENTE may have a rough road ahead.

Despite consecutive losses (under dubious circumstances) ‘Rapid Fire’ MIKE BOOMER is in the prime of his career. The former Cruiserweight Champion wants to put the past few months behind him and finish the year off strong with a victory over 5 others.

Possibly the most polarising athlete on the Wrestle Rampage roster, RAT DADDY has had a debut year that most only dream of. Picking up 2 massive victories, he recently had his streak broken by MR. JUICY. Is this RAT DADDY’s time to shine?

We will see the in-ring debut of HEINZ SCHULTZ’s creation, known as TYLER TRENCH, who interfered in the last event’s proceedings by chokeslamming the hell out of RUFIO for some unknown reason. SCHULTZ then proclaimed “The leader has sent us! The leader is coming!” before his giant freak proceeded to lick a fallen RUFIO. Yeah, you read that right.

Speaking of RUFIO, the Pirate Slayer himself has a spot in the 6-Man Showdown and will no doubt be making a beeline for TRENCH. Let’s hope that history doesn’t repeat itself.

Finally we will see the return of MR. JUICY’s (possibly but not really sure) illegitimate son…THE TURKISH DELIGHT! Which means that the odds of two-men french kissing in the middle of the ring are high! Possibly higher if TYLER TRENCH can’t keep his tongue in his mouth.



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