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January 8, 2018


Exactly 15 years ago, a young teenager woke up from a broken sleep, prepared his bag of wrestling gear (not that it hadn’t been sitting there ready for the past month), re-watched WrestleMania 17 for the 250th time, before making his way to a building just minutes walking distance from his house. For almost a year he had been taking beating after beating under former Australian Middleweight Champion and wrestling legend, the late COL DERVANY, in the hope that he would be mentally and physically prepared for a moment like this. Standing in-front of 400+ people, with no safety net and no turning back. This was to be DAMIAN SLATER’s debut, at the home of pro wrestling in South Australia, the Waterside Workers Hall in Port Adelaide. DERVANY was the referee for the evening, something that was an extreme rarity, which spoke volumes of his adoration for his latest trainee at the MONSTER FACTORY.


15 years on and ‘THE WORLD BEATER’ has forged a path as one of the leading Professional Wrestlers to have ever come out of Australia. Multiple overseas tours, regularly wrestling around Australia since the age of 17, and more recently, being the only Australian to compete in the history making 32-Man WWE CRUISERWEIGHT CLASSIC. You’d be hard-pressed to find many with better accolades in this generation. But still SLATER searches for more, and at the age of 30, he now takes aim at a record-breaking 3rd AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, in the exact same Port Adelaide venue where he made his debut half a lifetime ago.


His opponent, the new Australian National Champion, is ‘GORGEOUS’ GREG GRAHAM who recently dethroned arguably Australia’s most dominant champion, JONAH ROCK. While some may have seen this as a surprise, others saw past the exterior, and knew exactly what kind of threat GORGEOUS GREG poses. Having been the first graduate of the WRESTLE RAMPAGE DOJO under HARTLEY JACKSON back in 2006, a young GORGEOUS GREG made an immediate impact on the scene, being thrown into the deep end from Day 1. His first major rivalry was not long after and with who but his mentor DAMIAN SLATER. A decade later and the seasoned GRAHAM stands with a legion of like-minded individuals by his side, the power-in-numbers approach being the ace up his sleeve.


Can SLATER tick off another box on his dream-run in the world of wrestling, or is GORGEOUS GREG’s time at the top only just beginning?


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