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WR Reloaded News: TEAM JONAH vs. VANITY INC.

January 8, 2018

6 Person Tag

“How many dudes you know roll like this?”

Not many JONAH. Not many at all. The recognisable beat of Scribe and entrance theme of ‘THE KING of MONSTERS’ sums it up perfectly. Right now the former 2-time Australian National Champion isn’t just one of the most dominant big men in Australia, but the world. Travelling the globe to wrestle in famed organisations such as PRO WRESTLING NOAH in Japan, PRO WRESTLING GUERRILLA in the USA, and about to embark on a tour of Europe, JONAH ROCK is simply unstoppable!


But that’s a challenge that VANITY INC. know all too well, and a challenge that they have completed. After all, it was the crew’s leader ‘GORGEOUS’ GREG GRAHAM who dethroned JONAH ROCK at the most recent REDEMPTION event. Now with Australian wrestling legend HAVOK by their side, and numbers increasing by the month, the team can no longer be overlooked.


JONAH ROCK brings former Cruiserweight Champion MIKE BOOMER and female rookie sensation JOANIE MAY with him to battle, but will this be enough to foil the Vanity trio’s plans to take over WRESTLE RAMPAGE in a big (…and gorgeous) way?


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