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January 8, 2018


A student challenges their mentor, to prove that they are worthy of their respect. It is almost a warrior’s method of graduating in the world, and a long time tradition within the world of professional wrestling.


TOMMY KNIGHT has certainly earned his name ‘The Prodigy’ with an unforgettable rookie year after transitioning from professional Mixed Martial Arts. KNIGHT won the 2017 Rookie of the Year Award not long after defeating Australian wrestling legend HAVOK, which should not be understated. Now KNIGHT is aiming at beginning 2018 in the biggest way possible, by standing toe to toe with one of his trainers and biggest influences, AJ ISTRIA.


Many have said that AJ ISTRIA walks around with a chip on his shoulder these days, but in reality ISTRIA has never been afraid to walk the line of what is morally acceptable or not. ISTRIA has made more sacrifices in the world of wrestling than most will ever know, which is the reason why a young, inexperienced kid from Queensland was able to eventually wrestle for some of Japan’s leading promotions such as PRO WRESTLING NOAH. With a background in Mixed Martial Arts and a highly disciplined attitude to his craft, it is no wonder that TOMMY KNIGHT sought after ISTRIA as a mentor and now, opponent.


ISTRIA as accepted the challenge and will certainly hold nothing back when he takes on the rookie sensation TOMMY KNIGHT on January 20th at Port Adelaide!


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