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January 9, 2018


As much as we hate to admit it, since winning the CRUISERWEIGHT CUP ‘The Human Bullet’ LINK BARNETT has been on an absolute tear. With a relentless, yet unorthodox offence, BARNETT has a game plan that has remained unsolved; in particular his high angled bridging German Suplex. The names of the defeated, line up like a who’s who of cruiserweights from around Australia, with ALEX KINGSTON, DOWIE JAMES, RUFIO and MIKE BOOMER on the list.


So you, as we were, are no doubt shocked to find that his next title challenger is a young up-and-comer making his debut…


With LINK BARNETT claiming that he had no real challengers left on the roster, he put it to head trainers at the Wrestle Rampage Dojo, JONAH ROCK and AJ ISTRIA, to find their most promising young athlete to step up to the challenge. Nicknamed ‘THE SNIPER’ by his mentors due to his dangerous lariat, NICK GOLFIS holds in his hands a golden ticket. While BARNETT clearly isn’t looking for a legitimate challenge, seemingly doing everything in his power to ensure his Championship reign continues, this is one opportunity of a lifetime that GOLFIS won’t be taking lightly. Will BARNETT’s actions come back to haunt him?



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