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March 16, 2018


Wrestler A assaults Wrestler B, costing them a match. Wrestler B comes back for vengeance and we all live happily ever after? Yeah, somehow I just don’t think this is the case here. Allow me to explain.


At January’s RELOADED event, DAMIAN SLATER had his shot at a record-breaking 3rd Australian National Championship. On the 15th anniversary of his debut. In the exact same building, just walking distance from his childhood home. The entire scene was set for SLATER to walk away with a fairytale ending. However with the match at his fingertips, ROBBY HEART ‘randomly’ emerged, spitting a black substance into SLATER’s face, evidently costing him everything he had worked for.


I have already theorised why it may have happened. SLATER seemed to have no idea. Nobody else in the locker room did either. Maybe it was the fact that it was SLATER who is partially responsible for HEART’s transformation of heart (pun intended) into ‘The Darkest Soul’ in 2016, after SLATER’s former teammates in THE BROTHERHOOD left ROBBY HEART for dead. Or maybe the current record holding 2-time Champion HEART, could not fathom having SLATER move ahead and leave ROBBY HEART even more forgotten than ever. It was once HEART who was in SLATER’s shoes. Obsessed with physical accolades and just wanting to be recognised as the very best. That all changed dramatically due to the negative influence of others. Will SLATER see the same fate?


DAMIAN SLATER has made his intentions crystal clear. He wants no part of ROBBY HEART’s head games. He wants to cement his legacy by claiming a 3rd Australian National Championship. But does he have a choice…?


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