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March 16, 2018


UPRISING’s Main Event is nothing to brush over as it is important for many reasons, and an incredibly enticing matchup to boot!


The return of TMDK’s ELLIOT SEXTON in 2017, not only meant that TMDK’s numbers would begin to even out in competition against the consistently growing VANITY INC, but also that one of Wrestle Rampage’s originals was back! SEXTON defeated VANITY INC’s ‘Big’ WILLY GIBSON before embarking on a journey to Orlando, Florida to the live the #Trophylife. After a successful tour with NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLINGSEXTON’s Wrestle Rampage return now sees him in possibly his biggest match to date; his first ever shot at the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.


‘GORGEOUS’ GREG GRAHAM on the other hand, has been overlooked for the better part of a decade, due in part to his pompous attitude and visibly un-athletic figure. That was until he became the man to dethrone TMDK’s ‘King of Monsters’ JONAH ROCK and become the ‘King of Kings of Monsters.’ Or something like that. Regardless, GREG GRAHAM’s ascension can in no way be considered an overnight success, and his track record, putting away both JONAH ROCK and DAMIAN SLATER back-to-back, can not be understated.
Will Vanity Inc’s GORGEOUS GREG be the first person in history to successfully defend his gold against 3 members of TMDK consecutively, or will SEXTON’s fairytale journey stumble upon its biggest trophy to date?


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