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WR Uprising News: JONAH ROCK vs. AJ ISTRIA

March 16, 2018


This is a match that truly needs no hype. If you want to witness a Pro Wrestling match that would and could be a perfect fit on any world-stage, then look no further. The size difference is staggering but the similarities are astounding:

  • Both men were trained by TMDK legend, HARTLEY JACKSON.
  • Both have competed alongside the greats of PRO WRESTLING NOAH in Japan.
  • Both are students of the game, who can turn it up using any style that they so wish.
  • Both will have an opportunity to face-off once more after their 40 minute classic that won 2017’s MATCH OF THE YEAR.


ISTRIA has had a massive chip on his shoulder since his loss last year. Believes (and has arguably even proved) that he is the best, but just does not yet have the recognition in the form of championship accolades, to back it up.

JONAH is seeking validation by being recognised as the best that Australia has ever seen. To do so he must clear out the division and continue to defeat the elite who come knocking on his door.

You simply cannot miss this match!


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