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March 16, 2018


We’ve had to wait longer than expected, but the rematch between first ever CRUISERWEIGHT CUP winner ‘Rapid Fire’ MIKE BOOMER and the reigning & defending Cruiserweight Champion ‘Human Bullet’ LINK BARNETT, is set to take place on March 31st!


Historians could look back and see that both BOOMER & BARNETT were one of Wrestle Rampage’s most successful tag teams to date. The underdogs found unprecedented success in the land of the giants. That was until the Cruiserweight division was created in November of 2016 and the pair decided to part ways, instead focusing on singles gold.


A veteran of the Adelaide scene, MIKE BOOMER successfully defended the gold on multiple occasions before being dethroned by his former comrade. BOOMER attempted everything in his power to earn the rematch that many believed he deserved, however was thwarted by the dubious tactics of ROBBY HEART, and some strategic leveraging behind the scenes by the champ, BARNETT. Now the dodgy decisions and hiding behind contracts is just something of the past. The LINK BARNETT vs. MIKE BOOMER rematch is going down at UPRISING!


Can LINK BARNETT add yet another name to his list of title defences in his historic run on top, or is MIKE BOOMER destined to become the first ever 2-time Cruiserweight Champion in front of a hometown crowd?


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