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Elliot Sexton Interview [28/03/2018]

March 28, 2018


TMDK’s Elliot Sexton is one of Australia’s most successful Pro Wrestlers of the modern era. Nomadic in nature, Sexton has forged a strong fan following by doing things his own way. We caught up with Sexton for a quick chat before his Australian National Championship opportunity this Saturday night at Wrestle Rampage: UPRISING.

WR.com: Not gonna lie; big fan of your YouTube show ‘Trophy Life’! On that note, you always seem to be eating pizza. Pineapple, yay or nay?

ES: I’ve been a Hawaiian pizza kinda guy since I was born. Since living in the states, I’ve tried roughly 35-40 different combinations of toppings on Papa Johns pizza (rarely substituting one topping for another but rather just adding more of everything) and now I’ve stopped adding pineapple to anything other than Hawaiian – is this a sign!?


WR.com: Now with the tough question out the way, time for the generic. How did you get your start in professional wrestling?

ES: I tried getting into professional wrestling around the age of 14 under the legendary Col Dervany but this didn’t sit well with my parents at the time and so I had to wait until I was 16 to begin training full time. I started with a group who were limited in their knowledge and as soon as they admitted they only knew so much I was out of there. I knew that if I had any chance of making something out of professional wrestling, I was too young to be comfortable so I made the move to the toughest school in town, run by Jag Hartley Jackson and Damien Slater. It was a very wise decision.


WR.com: You’re about to return to Wrestle Rampage to wrestle for the Australian National Championship. What many people may not know is that Elliot Sexton debuted with Wrestle Rampage many years ago when we were under the EPW Adelaide banner. Any memories from the early days you’d like to share?

ES: I’ve told the story of my tights splitting in my debut match plenty and while it was embarrassing it’s something I’ll always be able to look back on and just laugh. To be honest, when I think of my early days under the EPW Adelaide banner I think about how I hadn’t found my voice. It’s one thing to be talented in the ring but I wasn’t the entertainer I knew I could be. One thing that helped me come out of my shell in the squared circle was teaming with my man Jonah Rock (collectively known as Sexrock.) Having a monster out there by my side made me a lot more confident and I soon opened my mouth to nobodies delight and I haven’t shut it since. But seriously, it’s something that’s been so crucial in my success and I’m glad I found it early on in my career.

WR.com: After a successful few years in Melbourne with MCW, you moved to Orlando, Florida with your fiancé and NXT Star, Dakota Kai, and began filming Trophy Life. What was your motivation behind creating the show and where do you see it heading?

ES: I feel like I’ve always found a way to make the best of a crappy situation – and while sitting by the pool and eating pizza every day isn’t anything to complain about it sure wasn’t doing anything for my wrestling career! So I turned to what I do best and that’s entertaining. The story of The Trophy Life is very unique and I think that helps catch peoples attention. The stories so far have been very well received which I’m over the moon about, I just hope I can keep the momentum rolling. Season 2 is in the works and follows my time around Australia. It will be quite different to the first season which worries me a little but I have faith it will have just as many laughs as Season 1.

WR.com: You just wrestled on the New Japan tour of Australia. How was the experience and what did it mean to you to share it with the other TMDK boys?

ES: It’s always a treat seeing the TMDK lads. Sharing a locker room with them all especially on such a historical tour just made it that much more special. My only regret was not giving myself a day or two in Australia so that I could rest up and feel 100% for the tour (I flew from Orlando and landed in Adelaide at 4pm the day of the Adelaide show.) While it was a pleasure to share the ring with the stars of NJPW, I really hope that everyone in the lockerroom and everybody in attendance took note of the talent pool here in Australia. We can hang with the best in the world and we proved it.

WR.com: It’s a loaded question I know, but what does the future hold for Elliot Sexton?

ES: That’s way too loaded! I don’t have a clue what my future holds. Short term I plan on creating new episodes of Trophy Life, getting some quality time by the pool and playing a bit of Fortnite once I’m back in Orlando. Long term, I want a Wrestlemania moment. It’s a huge dream and if it’s going to become a reality then there’s a lot of work to do, but hey, I’ve got the time to do it. #TrophyLife

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