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June 1, 2018


You would be hard-pressed to find anyone in Australian wrestling with a rookie year as sensational as RAT DADDY’s. Underhanded-tactics, rule-breaking, all components of what would normally be a despised human being, but with RAT DADDY’s unique touch, he has become arguably the most popular figure that Wrestle Rampage has ever seen.


At the recent UPRISING event, RAT DADDY was able to do the unbelievable, winning a #1 Contenders battle royale which guarantees him an Australian National Championship match at REVOLUTION.


At ROAD TO REVOLUTION, he did the unthinkable by defeating current Australian National Champion GORGEOUS GREG in tag team action.


On June 9th, RAT DADDY will attempt to put the cherry on top and do the unimaginable.


They say the world works by the rule of 3’s and if that is true, RAT DADDY walks out of REVOLUTION with the most important piece of gold in the country. However we must never forget that standing in his way is perhaps the biggest rule-breaker of them all. A man who defeated 3 highly accomplished members of TMDK over 3 events, in JONAH ROCK, DAMIAN SLATER and ELLIOT SEXTON. The much larger, much more experienced GORGEOUS GREG, who surrounds himself with countless like-minded and dangerous individuals known as VANITY INC. RAT DADDY will have to wish upon a star, but if anyone can do it, we think he’s the one!


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