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WR Revolution News: 6-MAN TAG TEAM MATCH

June 3, 2018


Until the closure of 2016, Wrestle Rampage was run by a long-term rivalry between TMDK and THE BROTHERHOOD. From the ashes of that feud came what is now known as VANITY INC. It was ‘Big’ WILLY GIBSON and ‘Gorgeous’ GREG GRAHAM who formed the stable, taking advantage of the fact that the Wrestle Rampage title picture was now wide open and opportunities were vast. Former BROTHERHOOD member HAVOK joined the crew, and then rookie ‘Heart Throb’ COREY ADAMS became the most recent member.


The group have proven to be near unstoppable, often using a power-in-numbers approach. At REVOLUTION on June 9th they will attempt to take down 3 more of the Wrestle Rampage roster in ‘The Prodigy’ TOMMY KNIGHT, the returning PAT GRAHAM and ‘Pirate Slayer’ RUFIO!


Can the makeshift team of KNIGHT, GRAHAM & RUFIO do what few before them have been able to do?


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